How to Play Little Alchemy

How Do You Make Life in Little Alchemy

If you are a chemistry lover and love playing with elements, Little Alchemy is a great game you can play. Little Alchemy is a fun game where you can combine elements to make new ones. It was developed by Reckloak.  

Guide for Playing Little Alchemy 

In the beginning, players get four elements: fire, water, air, and earth, and they can combine two elements to create a new element. For example, combining air and water gives mist, or combining fire and air provides steam. In this way, players can create over 500 elements and can experiment with them. 

Once you start creating more elements, the game becomes more challenging and addictive. After ten elements, you can experiment and combine two or more elements to create a new element. Little Alchemy is so exciting and fun to play; it is more like a puzzle game where you keep creating new elements and building your world. 

It even has an official cheats page that can help you make new elements; if you are interested, you can go to the official cheats web for help. 

If you are interested and love Little Alchemy, you can also try out Little Alchemy 2. It is a sequel to Little Alchemy. It has the same game mechanics but with more elements and more possibilities. It has newly added elements, and combinations are different as well. However, you can also create ‘life’ in the game, just like you created in the first game. This ‘life’ element gives birth to more complex elements and makes the game more interesting.  

If you are a PC gamer, don’t worry. You can play both the games on Little Alchemy on your pc. So here are the links for Little Alchemy and Little Alchemy 2. 

Alternatively, PC gamers can download an android emulator such as BlueStack or NoxPlayer, and install it. After installation, open and search for Little Alchemy in the emulator. Download and install the game in the emulator and enjoy it on your PC. Here is a download link for the Android emulator, BlueStacks 

In this game, as you keep learning, you start to create more complex elements. One of the most exciting features of this game is that you can even create living elements, like living creatures such as peacocks, humans, etc. This article will discuss how you can make life in Little Alchemy by combining different elements. Keep reading to know more. 

Little Alchemy 

How to create Life in Little Alchemy 

To create life in Little Alchemy, you have to follow a few steps. Everyone starts with four essential elements- air, fire, water, and earth. You have to combine these elements to create life in the game. Follow the steps below to create life in the game. 

  • First, you need to create ‘energy.’ For that combine ‘fire’ and ‘air.’ 
  • Keep the ‘energy’ element aside; it will be needed later. Now create ‘mud’ by combining ‘earth’ and ‘water.’ 
  • Then create ‘rain’ by combining ‘air’ and ‘water.’ 
  • Now by combining ‘rain’ and ‘earth,’ you will get ‘plant.’ 
  • When combined with ‘mud’(created before), this ‘plant’ will give you ‘swamp.’ 
  • Remember the ‘energy’ element you kept aside; combine the ‘energy’ with ‘swamp’ that will give you ‘life,’ denoted with a DNA strand. 

Now with this ‘life’ element, you can combine different elements to create other forms of life. For example, combining ‘life’ with ‘earth’ gives ‘human.’ Now you can experiment more and explore your numerous possibilities. 

Little Alchemy is a fantastic game where you can explore your imagination and knowledge of chemistry. You can combine as many elements as possible, create more complex elements, and complete the game by building all the five hundred elements.  

This game is helpful to kids, how are interested in elements and chemistry. They can learn new things and will develop a creative mind. Kids, who are interested in puzzle solving and arcade games, find Little Alchemy very addictive. They won’t stop until they create all the 500+ elements in the game and this also helps them grow a problem-solving mindset. 

Life is one of the crucial elements in the game, Little Alchemy. Follow the steps mentioned above and create life and all the other elements. 

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