How to Install Minecraft Mods

How to Install Mods in Minecraft – 5 Easy Steps!

Whenever we talk about sandbox games, Minecraft comes first on the list. Minecraft is a popular survival simulation game all around the world. Gamers use their creativity to build different kinds of structures and bases. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at how to install modes in Minecraft. But, before we do, let’s learn more about Minecraft. 

History of Minecraft 

Right now, Microsoft owns Minecraft. However, the journey of Minecraft started way back. Markus Persson, a Swedish programmer is the brainchild behind the game. He started experimenting with the idea while working as a game programmer at jAlbum. He took inspiration from Infiniminer and RubyDung which are block-based mining games and base-building games.  

The first edition of Minecraft came out in 2009 and is known as Java Edition. He ran Minecraft for the next eight years. In 2017, Microsoft along with Mojang bought Minecraft at a very high price! 

Tons of Possibilities: World of Minecraft 

Minecraft is based in a simulation world that is rendered in cubes. Players can destroy, store, or rebuild these cubes however they want to and build their base. These cubes can be of different materials. It has a vast map that unfolds as you keep exploring the game. New terrains open up as keep exploring.  

Each terrain is unique and a unique feature and players have to adjust accordingly, in order to survive the conditions. The game has many real-world features such as rivers, waterfalls, caves, mountains, forests, and many more. 

A survival twist 

Minecraft Mods

The real survival begins after the sunset when monsters and vicious creatures spawn and would try to attack. Players need to protect themselves in different ways and build a base that is strong enough to fight all types of creatures. 

Creepers are one of the popular enemies in the game. These have four legs and would try to attack you by creating an explosion. There are skeletons that would circle around and fire arrows. There are many more creatures and monsters like these, therefore, players need to be ready and prepared to fight them by building various weapons and tools. 

Players can play on public servers or create their private server and enjoy it with their friends. Players can build new bases, grow food, explore new environments, and many more. Players can also use mods that make the game more exciting and fun to play.  

You will find a bundle of mods on the internet for Minecraft. Players mod the game to change the game environment or to add exciting features to make the game more challenging and fun to play. This game is available for $26.95 for PC. It is also available for PS4 and Xbox gaming consoles. 

This article will help you to install mods in Minecraft. Detailed steps for how to install mods in Minecraft are given below. So keep reading, and you will be able to install different types of mods and make this game more excited and fun to play with or without your friends. 

How to install mods in Minecraft 

Once you have downloaded your mods, you need to install them. Each mod comes with its installation guide, but the most popular mods can be installed using Minecraft Forge. This tool helps users to install any Minecraft mod to their PC easily. To download the Minecraft Forge tool, click here 

Real Minecraft Mods

Follow the steps below to install Minecraft mods using the Minecraft Forge tool. 

  • Back up your existing Minecraft world files. Before installing any mod, always make sure to backup your existing files. This is just to ensure you do not lose all your current game data after installing any mod. 
  • Download the Minecraft Forge tool from the given link. Install this tool which will later help you to install the mods.  
  • Copy your mod files to your original game files.  
  • Run the game; this time, you will find a new profile entitled Forge. After logging in through this profile, you will get a new option in the menu called Mods. 
  • Go to the Mods options, you will see a list of mods that you have copied in your game directory, and you will be able to apply them to your game easily. 

Mods expand your possibilities in the game. You can do various things in the game and create your new simulation with the same game mechanics. Some of the best Minecraft mods are listed here. Check out all the mods and download. Install the mods using the Minecraft Forge tool and create exciting new world simulations and have fun. 

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