How to Win At Caravan

How to Win at Caravan – 4 Methods Explained!

The Caravan is a card game that players can play in the video game called Fallout: New Vegas. Players can play this card game with non-playable characters (NPC) in the game. They can challenge these characters and win cash in the game to buy other things. 

The Fallout series is a series of games that take place post-nuclear war in the US. Fallout: New Vegas revolves around the city of Las Vegas that has survived the nuclear war, and groups of people struggle to gain power and resources. Fallout: New Vegas starts in Las Vegas, where the main character delivers packages around the city.  

What’s In-store for you in Fallout? 

The course of the game takes turns with lots of twists and complicated situations. The game is built with some old classy graphics, and the story is interesting enough to keep you playing until you finish the game. The survival style of gameplay makes it more exciting with lots of quests and other challenges, one of which is this Caravan card game. Here’s a detailed game review for Fallout: New Vegas. 

The Caravan is a famous card game in the video game that you can play and win in-game money. Since it is a card game, there are a few rules, and you have to know them well to win the game and some money. Later you can use the money for your survival or other purposes in the game. This article will discuss the rules of the game and simple ways how you can win at Caravan. 

How to play and win at Caravan 

First, you need to buy your deck of cards. The caravan is a game where both the players need to have their deck of cards. Therefore, you can buy a deck of cards from Ringo in Goodspring for free. 

Then to play a game of Caravan, visit any of the NPCs who play Caravan; generally, the merchants play the game, so it’s better to see them. You can challenge these NPCs for a game of Caravan and play. You can bet as much as you want, and if you win, you get the money and well as the money the NPC had bet. 

Build a Deck 

The first part of the game is to build your deck to begin the game. You aim to build three caravans that have points between 21 to 26. The points are the card numbers on each card. Remember, Jack, King, and Queen gives special points to your deck to reach your goal. You need to choose 30 cards for building a deck. Remember that you can not change this deck once the game starts, so make your deck wisely. 

You can add or remove cards from your deck while building your deck. A few things to keep in mind while creating your deck are: 

  • You can not use the same card twice to build your deck. 
  • For example, you can not use two kings of the same suit but the king of hearts and king of spades. 

Play the First Round 

Fallout Caravan

At first, both the players pick the top 8 cards from their decks. Now the players have to arrange three caravans from these eight picked cards. Both the players line up three stacks of cards, arranging them in either ascending or descending order caravan. Both the players take turns by putting down one card at a time. 

As the players take turns, they have three options to choose from: 

  • Players can play one card and draw a new one from their caravan. 
  • They can discard and select a new card from the deck. 
  • Players can disband one whole stack and choose to make a new caravan. Disbanding the stack means all the cards of the caravan go back to the deck. 

Effects of Face cards 

The face cards are- Jack, King, Queen, and Joker. These three cards of any deck have special effects that can change the value of your caravan. These cards can be used on players’ or opponents’ caravans. The results from these cards include: 

  • Jack: When played on a card, it gets discarded. 
  • Queen: This card is usually played as the last card of the caravan, which changes the suit and reverses the caravan’s direction. 
  • King: When played on any card, it doubles the value of that card. 
  • Joker: When this card is played on an ace, all the number cards and aces of the same suit as the ace are removed from both the players’ caravan. 

Sell Your Caravans to Win 

Your caravan is considered sold once it has a point value between 21 and 26. You have to sell two of the three caravans, before your opponent, to win. Few things to keep in mind: 

  • If both the players have an equal number of caravans that can be sold, then the caravans with the higher number cards win. For example, if you have two caravans for sale with numbers 24 and 26, and your opponent also has two caravans for sale with numbers 22 and 23, you are the winner since you have higher point values. 
  • If you are out of cards to put before selling your caravan, your opponent wins by default. 

These are the steps to play caravan. It is an interesting game and takes time to master. Follow the simple steps and do your mental calculation to outdo your opponent. After you win, you get the money you bet, and with that money, you can buy other essential resources for survival in the game. If you are interested in games like Fallout, here’s a link. 

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